Friday, May 25, 2012

High Five For Friday!

Yay! The weekend is here. Joining in on High Five for Friday again with Lauren at From My Grey Desk.

1. All week I have been looking forward to our Memorial Day Camping Trip!

2. Movie day at work on Wednesday, CINDERELLA! I think I was more excited than any of the children.

3. I aced the first quiz in one of my Spring classes...96%, no big deal.

4. Adam and I put an offer in on our first house! Haven't ironed out all the details yet, so we are still unsure of what will happen, but it's been a very exciting, yet stressful process. 

(possible future house!)

5. I made some banana muffins last night. yummm.

I hope everyone else had a nice week! Enjoy the beautiful weather on this long weekend!


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