Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DIY Pillow Sleeves

It seems like I change my pillow covers far too often... probably because I do. Adam has decided it's becoming a problem. I've decided I might have finally figured it out.

Ever since moving into this house, the living room has just puzzled me. I have not been able to decide colors, furniture, wall hangings, or anything. I have changed my mind more times than I can even remember, and to this day I'm not quite sure what on earth I want to do with this room. 

I finally came across these two fabric designs at hobby lobby, and decided to give them a whirl. I may even keep my coral polka dot pillows around with as a fun accent color.

In search of the perfect color combinations for the living room, I have created countless pillow covers over the past year. You would think by now I'd be an expert, but the truth is I am absolutely not. 

Almost a year ago, I shared this tutorial with you all. I have always made my pillow covers this way, but this time around, I decided to try something a bit different. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures, but I will try my best to explain it.

I purchased a yard of each fabric, and was able to make 2 pillows with each for a total of 4 pillows. The best part: the fabric only cost me $10, which means I only spent $2.50 on each one!  (see why it's so easy for me to keep changing my mind!?)

I started by ironing my fabric and cutting it to size.

To determine the height, I measured the pillow and added 1/2 an inch. To determine the width, I measured the width, multiplied by two, and added another 6 inches. 

Example: If I had a pillow that was 18inches x 18inches, I would measure the height as 18.5 inches, and the width as 42 inches (18x2=36+6=42). 

After cutting my fabric, I folded a seam along both of the shorter sides of the pillow. These will eventually be for the back flaps. 

Then, I laid the fabric out, facing right side up, and folded each side over. I pinned the sides in place to create an inside out pillow cover. Once the sides were pinned in place, I stitched the two long sides (top and bottom). 

Once the sewing was done, I flipped the pillow cover right side out and inserted my pillow.

Ta da!

I think they turned out great! They add a pop of color to my living room and really seem to brighten the place up a bit.  With that being said, these babies might be around for a while. 

And see that sunshine beaming in through the windows? Spring just may be closer than we think!

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  1. Love the pillow covers! And at that price, you can change your mind as much as you want :) We are getting new furniture this weekend, and our current pillows do not match at all, so I would love to create some pillow covers for them. So much cheaper than buying new pillows!


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