Monday, March 17, 2014

Bachelorette Party Fun

As I mentioned before, my best friend got married last weekend. But before we could let her get married, we had to celebrate with a Bachelorette Party!

No one will probably find it surprising that I was put in charge of decorations and anything crafty....which I loved. Here are some fun things I think no bachelorette party should be without.

1. Future MRS T-shirt
This is something that was at the top of my list since Jenna got engaged. And it turned out to be pretty simple to make on my own. I purchased iron-on vinyl (glittery pink of course) and used my Cricut to design the logo.

2. "He Put A Ring On It" Banner
Another simple Cricut project. I cut out the letters on sparkly silver cardstock and hole punched them at the top to slide the ribbon through.

3. Tissue Paper Garland
I got this idea after seeing Amanda's version of the tissue paper garland on her blog Happily Ever After that she made for her daughter's nursery. (view post here)

4. Glittery Wine Glasses
I used mod podge and all different glitter colors to make these. The bride got this silver one with the pink bow. Everyone else got to choose their favorite to use and then take home with them. You bet we were sucking our pink pantie droppers out of these glasses with our penis straws. Classy, I know. 

I had way too much fun doing all this. I should have been a party planner, because I absolutely love it. 

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  1. Super cute bachelorette party decorations!! I love that everyone got to take home a wine glass at the end of the night too!


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