Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all!

Well Hello October, my absolute favorite month of the year!

I absolutely love the fall! I love walking outside to the cool, crisp air, or walking inside to a house filled with scents of apple pie and cinnamon. I look forward to the vibrant colors that appear when the leaves are changing and the crunching sound of dead leaves against my feet as I walk. There is something so calming about this time of year, I just can't help but love it.

Exploring apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes. Curling up on the couch while sipping hot apple cider. Roasting marshmallows by a fire on a cool night. Attending football games with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. Wearing sweaters and cardigans with a pair of warm boots. Carving pumpkins in the company of friends. Jumping into a big pile of colorful leaves.

Life is simple in the Fall.

Because I love Fall so much, I have decided to dedicate this week to FALL.

I will have three posts:

Favorite Fall Recipes to Try
Favorite Fall Decor
AND last but not least
Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

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