Thursday, October 3, 2013

Glitter Pumpkins

I loooove pumpkins, and I love when it is finally appropriate to have them around the house. I found these pumpkins, along with some autumn colored glitter at Joanna, and decided I just had to make some glitter covered pumpkins! 

This was a pretty simple project, although my kitchen floor and doggie were both covered in glitter be the end of it. I just Covered the pumpkins with glue and let it dry for about 1 minute and sprinkled glitter all over the pumpkins until they were covered. I let them dry overnight before putting them on my coffee table. 

Now that they are finished, I just have one little problem. My dog thinks they are her balls and she tries to grab them to play. 

Also, I can't decide if I should spray the with a clear sealer to keep the glitter from rubbing off. Any suggestions? 

Happy First Full Day of Fall, the best season of all!!


  1. I love the pumpkins -- I have never really gittered anything. You have just inspired me to let my glitter flow. Have a great week. Rhonda

  2. I love anything covered in glitter and those pumpkins are fabulous! I would think if you're planning on using them again next year to definitely hit them with some sealer. It would be such a bummer to pull them out of storage next Fall and then have glitter bald spots! :)

  3. Love the glitter pumpkins, but I'm also in love with the pillows in the first picture! SOOOO CUTE!

    Miranda @Mr. and Mrs. Winslett

  4. I love how these look with your pillows! Thanks for linking up to the Pumpkin Parade!

  5. these are so fun and make a great centerpiece!

  6. These are so pretty! Visiting from the Pumpkin Parade. :)
    Yvonne @ Sunnyside Up-stairs

  7. Hello! I came over from the pumpkin party and wanted to see how these turned out. I bought spray glitter and thought about trying it out. I haven't tried yet. About the litter falling off, you could always try mod podge or more glue.

  8. Love them. Everyone needs glitter in their life. Thanks for linking to the Pumpkin Parade - when you have a chance please ensure that you add a link back to one of our blogs.


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