Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Pillows

Ever since I made my first set of pillow covers (here), I can't stop making pillow covers for each season/holiday. 

I started by using red and green chevron fabric to add some color to the living room. Then, I decided to make these fabulous gold and white pillow covers. I found it easiest to first make the pillow covers out of white duck canvas, and then add the gold lettering. I designed the pillows on photoshop, printed them out, and traced them onto the pillow using pencil. Then, I placed cardboard inside the pillow cover and used gold paint to fill it all in. It wasn't long before they were dry and I was throwing them on our couch.

I probably sat in my living room staring at the pillows for a good 10 minutes. I think it's my favorite project I've done in a while, and I could not stop admiring my work.

The biggest problem I've had with these pillows is keeping them clean. A certain four-legged friend of mine loves to lay right on top of them, leaving footprints in her tracks. White should not be allowed in my living room. 

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