Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Santa Initial Wreath

Tonight I am introducing the newest addition to my Christmas decor.
 Drum roll please....drum roll. Oh, ah ah bththththtthth.....JOY TO THE WORLD.....

Bam, Santa Initial Wreath!
In case you haven't noticed, I am a wee bit in love with the letter M! I just love adding in our initial to any decor to make it a little more personal. 

Every year, I manage to make a wreath that I deem inappropriate to hang on my front door. The first year Adam and I lived together, I made an ornament wreath. Turns out, I liked it better hanging on a mirror than I did hanging it on our apartment door. When we moved into our house and celebrated our first Christmas here, I quickly realized that the wreath was too large to fit between the front door and the glass door. So I obviously needed a new wreath...

I ended up making a Christmas Wreath Frame. I immediately decided it was too beautiful to hang on our front door to possibly get ruined. So this year, I think I finally came up with a "wreath" that fits perfectly. Not too bulky or fancy, but just right. 

I must admit, this idea came from Pinterest. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the original source so I am unable to give much deserved credit to whoever came up with this wonderful idea. My favorite part? I only needed to buy two things to make this whole thing come together, the "M" and the gold glitter stick.

what you'll need:
wooden "m," red spray paint, black acrylic paint, white felt, black ribbon, and gold glitter, glue gun

This is definitely a simple afternoon project. The longest part is waiting for the glue to dry. Now that's my kind of project: quick and easy.

While this looks I'm betting I'll decide by next year that I just need another one. 
Does anyone else change out their wreaths every year until they find the perfect one? 

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